One page with projects & concepts that make me happy.

Over 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently litter the ocean – THE OCEAN CLEANUP.

Trash accumulates in five ocean garbage patches, the largest one being the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, located between Hawaii and California. If left to circulate, the plastic will impact our ecosystems, health, and economies. Solving it requires a combination of closing the source, and cleaning up what has already accumulated in the ocean.

KHAN ACADEMY – for every student, every classroom.

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization created in 2008 by Salman Khan with the goal of creating a set of online tools that help educate students. The organization produces short lessons in the form of videos. Its website also includes supplementary practice exercises and materials for educators.

Fillig the gap in education – MINDVALLEY

Education, evolved. We’re on a mission to unite the world by teaching wisdom and transformational ideas that our education system ignores. Start living your best life now. All ages welcome.

KANO – a new kind of computing company

Our kits and software give all ages, all over the world, the power to create technology, not just consume it. Our team represents two dozen nationalities, and every discipline, and we work to demystify technology, end to end. We build out of London, Shenzhen, and Boston. We share a belief in DIY, learning by doing, storytelling, and realism.

To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy- TESLA

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Tesla was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers who wanted to prove that people didn’t need to compromise to drive electric – that electric vehicles can be better, quicker and more fun to drive than gasoline cars.

WAIT BUT WHY – interesting topics researched by interesting people

For example, the beginning post of Space X’s Big Fucking Rocket. Yesterday, Elon Musk got on stage at the 2016 International Astronautical Congress and unveiled the first real details about the big fucking rocket they’re making. A couple months ago, when SpaceX first announced that this would be happening in late September, it hit me that I might still have special privileges with them, kind of grandfathered in from my time working with Elon and his companies in 2015 (which resulted in an in-depth four-part blog series). So I reached out and asked if I could learn about the big fucking rocket ahead of time and write a post about it. They said yes.

Concept: Think of yourself as a container for wealth.

If your container is small and your money is big, what’s going to happen? You will lose it. Your container will overflow and the excess money will spill out all over the place. You simply cannot have more money than the container. Therefore you must grow to be a big so you cannot only hold more wealth but also attract more wealth. The universe abhors a vacuum and if you have a very large money container it will rush in to fill the space.

Concept: Recognize that whether you are worthy or not is all a made-up “story”.

Again, nothing has meaning except for the meaning we give it. There’s no one who comes around and stamps you “worthy” or “unworthy”. You do that. You make it up. You decide it. You and you alone determine if you’re going to be worhty. It’s simply your perspective. If you say you’re worthy, you are. If you say you’re not worthy, you are not. Either way, you will live into your story. This is so critical, you will live into your own story. Also, realize that money will only make you more of what you already are.

Concept: What Europe is worth.

From the book prisoner of geography. … This is what Helmut Kohl meant when he warned, upon leaving the Chancellorship of Germany in 1998, that he was the last German leader to have lived through the Second World War and thus have experienced the horrors in wrought. In 2012 he wrote an articale for Germany’s best-selling daily newspaper, Bild, and was clearly still haunted by the possibility that because of the financial crisis the current generation of leaders would not nurture the post-war experiment in European trust: “For those who didn’t live through this themselves and who especially now in the crisis are asking what benefits Europe’s unity brings, the answer despite the unprecedented European period of peace lasting more than 65 years and despite the problems and difficulties we must still overcome is: peace.”